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When people think about online marketing, they think about search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords or pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing, and other online marketing platforms. However, very few people consider web design to be an essential part of a successful marketing campaign. 123 Marketing is a Kamloops web design/digital marketing company who've seen this mistake made over and over again. It seems that most people will focus on their marketing efforts, but they don't realize that having a great website with great content is the most critical marketing factor of all. If your website is too basic and your content is weak, all the marketing efforts in the world won't help you.

When you partner with 123 Marketing, our Kamloops Web design pros will look at your website before anything else. Based on our experiences and knowledge of Web design and digital marketing, we'll give you our input and recommendations. If your website needs to be cleaned up, we'll do it for you. We'll even create a new website for you. Sometimes, the only thing to do is build a new website, because users never forget a bad experience. This might involve using a new domain name and considering the use of a new brand name. This is rare, but the need does arise from time to time.

We service all of Kamloops, British Columbia including Aberdeen, Sahali, Dufferin, Hugh Allen Drive, Brocklehurst, Mac Arthur Park, Downtown, West End, Westsyde, North Hills, North Kamloops and South Kamloops.

Describing it in figurative terms, think of digital marketing as a house. Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing house. Without a strong website foundation, your digital marketing house will not be stable. It will not be able to withstand the never-ending bombardment of changes and competition that come in the online/digital marketing world. 123 Marketing is a Kamloops web design company that understands and will fully implement this principle into our Web design and digital marketing techniques.

123 Marketing| Embodying the Beauty and Power of Simplicity

Sometimes a simple shift in perspective is needed for clients to see the bigger picture. Many clients think of their websites as their home on the Web in the beginning. Yes, your website is your home on the Web. However, with the proper Web design and digital marketing efforts, your website can become a powerful tool that dramatically increases your profits immediately and over time. Your website is a tool that can collect emails, build your brand, open up a new stream of revenue, and do much, much more. 123 Marketing is helping grow business online with world-class Web design in Kamloops and all of Canada.

At 123 Marketing, as our name suggests, we keep our Web design simple. Simple doesn't mean basic. A lot of times, we see our clients over-complicate their websites with unnecessary features in an apparent effort to stand out. This slows down your website's loading time and makes it difficult for users to find their way around your site. This Kamloops Web design company understands the beauty of simplicity.

Further, our Web designers are also certified, digital marketers. That's why we're able to optimize our Web design for our clients. After all, what good is a website if nobody ever sees it? You can have the best Web design in the history of Web designs, but if nobody can find it, they will not visit your site. This means nobody will follow you, nobody will know about you, and nobody will buy your stuff online. 123 Marketing's optimized Web design helps your site gain visibility in all search engines.

web design Kamloops