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In Digital Business, Marketing on Social Media is NOT a Choice – It’s a MUST.

The famous author of the book “Socialnomics” Erik Qualman had to say this about businesses opting to go all out on social media, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

By the way, Qualman’s “Socialnomics” was a Book of the Year finalist as decided on by the American Marketing Association. What does Qualman’s recognition have to do with your business anyway and why are we even mentioning it?

As far as profiting from social media is concerned, Qualman’s book and statements about this marketing strategy are “lit.” This is because of the latest Australian statistics about people using social media. If you think the entire digital social world is too vast, we can stick with Facebook.

As of January 2019, Facebook data revealed that of the approximately 25 million Australians as confirmed by the Bureau of Statistics Population Clock, around 15 million users are active on Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild. But, enough of the figures and numbers. Let’s get back to business.

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Growing your business in a world that’s largely going digital can be challenging, especially with the investments that go with shifting to a digitized system. A fact that we can’t reject is how many consumers are now using social media to look for reliable products and services. While you ponder on these things, ask yourself, “Why do so many businesses do it, and why do they succeed?” To help you answer this question, read Qualman’s ote again

Qualman made it clear that taking your business to the vast fields of social platforms and trying to make a name out there is something that should be a given aspect of your overall marketing campaign. Try to see it this way. Even the biggest companies around the world and rivals of Facebook have pages on the platform because they understand the opportunities involved in leveraging on people’s interest in social media as a channel for potential sales.

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Why Social Media When I Can Work on My Website?

Of course, you can always work around the opportunities your website offers but did you know that more people nowadays stay on sites that have a solid social media following? How is this possible? It’s because many consumers rely on social media to determine the reliability of a certain provider. Gone were the days when website reviews were all that mattered. In the millennial era, what goes on within the corners of your social media page matters more than the overall atmosphere of your website.

Now what? Can I just set up a Facebook or Instagram page and wait for people to find me? How will I manage my page when I have other things to do? You may have these questions in mind. That’s fine, many of our clients who found success on social media had those queries too. Check out our social media marketing strategies below to have a better idea of how we helped hundreds of businesses establish a stable and respected presence on various social media platforms.

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If you still have doubts about leveraging on social media marketing, consider this thought. Imagine that the world is a chess board. Your business is the King. The chess world can’t move forward without your business in it. But the fact is, the King still needs a Queen who will serve and protect – a Queen that knows how to go around obstacles and rivals such as Bishops and Rooks that could make or break the King’s path towards victory.

For the past years, our social media marketing team served as the Queen in the often suffocating chess-like world of our clients, the Kings. If we allowed Kings to use our efficient and highly-trusted skills in the social media circle, what makes you think we won’t do it for you?

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